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Replacement Cushiongrip™ Rubber tips -- Our exclusive Cushiongrip™ rubber tips flex on contact for to provide the softest landing, and the unique design and tread pattern provides excellent gripping capability on any paved or stable natural surface. Long wearing. Fits securely on all models of Exerstrider poles. $8.95/pair.



Bell-shaped Rubber "Balance" tips -- The Exerstrider bell-shaped tips can be used to replace the standard Cushiongrip™ rubber tips and will friction fit on the end of the carbide-tipped ferrule just like the standard issue tips. This Bell-shaped Balance tip provides maximum stability when balance is a primary concern of the user and they must be purchased as an accessory separately (since all Exerstrider models come equipped with the
Cushiongrip™ rubber tips as standard). $8.95/pair.


Grip Socks  -- You'll just love these tee-tiny black tube socks! They're are a must for maximizing your comfort during warm weather striding. You know what a difference a great pair of socks makes on your feet!  These tiny socks maximize the comfort of your hands on those hot, humid summer days.  Grip Socks (75% cotton, 21% nylon, 4% spandex) form fit over the grips of all Exerstrider models and absorb perspiration, keep hands cool and comfortable, and are washable. ($9.95/three pair pack)






Hiking, Trekking Tips (HTT) 

These Hiking, Trekking Tips (HTT) are designed to meet the unique comfort and traction challenges that can be encountered when using the Exerstrider poles on loose dirt and gravel, bark chips, damp leaves, pine needles and hills with loose dry or wet dirt. Keep a pair with you if you plan to be trekking in the woods or walking in the dog park or on country paths with uneven or loose/unstable surface conditions. $6.95/pair



AT/S accessory packageThis “AT/S” accessory package containing both one set of large snow baskets (for snow-shoeing and skiing, as well as for use on soft sand) and one set of small trekking baskets (for use on muddy trails, stream crossings and rock fields) will turn any model of our Exerstrider poles into full-fledged “AT/S” all-season, all-terrain trekking poles. (Fits all models) $9.95 for both pair

Instructional Manual & User's Guie with Instructional DVD (VHS tape Video option is avaialble) 

($19.95 if purchased separately -- included free w/pole purchase)-- If you already own a pair of brand X poles, and want to learn how to maximize the benefits of using them, you can buy Tom Rutlin's 5-star rated instruction package separately. Buying fitness walking poles or trekking poles without technique instructions is like buying a car without learning how to drive. In the manual Tom Rutlin offers a wealth of information learned from his many years of study and work as an internationally recognized health and fitness expert. You'll get valuable tips on establishing a sane, effective exercise plan, dieting, stretching and more because Tom wants everyone who uses fitness walking poles to get the maximum benefits!


Carry Bag for 2-pc poles -- EXERSTRIDER OS2 and ACTIVATOR poles travel/carry bag. Rugged Black nylon bag with carry strap, cord-lock closure and White Exerstrider logo. Includes clear pocket for business card or owner ID. Will fit up to 2 pair of adjustable poles. NOTE: This carrying bag is not suitable for our one-piece poles. ($10.95 each)