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Since 1988, I’ve been showing people the simplest, safest, most natural way to get the maximum fitness benefits out of fitness walking with specially designed fitness walking poles. I pioneered the activity which I first called “Exerstriding,” and has since come to be known generically around the world as “Nordic walking.” My Exerstride Method Total Body Nordic walking is safe, natural and highly effective for people of all ages, abilities and fitness goals. I have always believed clear, quality instruction is every bit as important as quality walking poles, that’s why I’m 100% committed to making sure every purchaser of Exerstrider poles receive both.

So every pair of Exerstrider fitness walking poles comes with my FREE* 5-star rated Instructional DVD as well as a FREE* 48 page printed, illustrated Manual and User’s Guide (which contains valuable tips on my unique exercise philosophy, stretching, nutrition and diet, how to dress for fitness success, “the real secret of Exerstriding” and much much more!). No matter how one uses walking poles they are likely to realize some benefit, but in order to help you optimize your results and safety as well as your enjoyment you’ll receive my award winning step-by-step instructional video so you can quickly learn my easy and highly effective Exerstride method Nordic walking techniques and begin enjoying this great total body exercise just as soon as you receive your poles. You won’t have to search to find a “qualified instructor” or a class that fits into your busy schedule because you’ll have me as your personal trainer and instructor. And you can pop your DVD (or VHS tape) into your machine and review the instruction and fitness tips contained in it any time you want!

*Free with Exerstrider pole purchases -- a $19.95 value!

A walking evangelist of the highest order, Rutlin not only wants everyone to walk, he wants them to make it the most efficient workout possible. To do that, he’s convinced, we should all be walking with poles...they can increase the calories you burn by 30% to 40% and reduce the impact on your legs. But these benefits won’t come without good technique – which is why Rutlin spends more time teaching than selling.”

 --Walking Magazine, March 2000

For an instant FREE preview, you can check out my original 1992 instructional video on YouTube (in 2 parts).  Click here to view Part 1. Click here for Part 2.

(To see a Chinese language version Click here)

Here are just a few short clips from my current, updated 5-star rated 31 minute video…

Instructional Video Clips

Introduction to Exerstriding

Proper Arm Motion

Exercise is an Investment

Click here to view the entire 56 miutes uncut version of the latest Exerstrider Instructional Video!

Click here to see another excellent 60 second You Tube Video on proper techique.