Turning Walking into Total Body Exercise SINCE 1988!

Release ” September, 2011 ”Exerstrider is activating older adults with "Nordic" pole walking and exercise programs. Read More!

Release” April 9, 2010 ” Exerstrider launches the Suey Starczynski Prevention Project. Read More!

Release " December 2, 2008" Nordic Walking Pioneer Tom Rutlin Celebrates the 20th Anniversary of
Exerstrider Fitness Walking Poles.  Read More!

Release ” October 10, 2007 ” Tom Rutlin Invited to Teach German Master Trainers His Technique. Read more¦

Release ” January 26, 2007 ” Exerstrider fitness walking poles "re-activate" former users of walkers and canes! Read more¦

Release ” April 07, 2007 ” Exerstrider Announces Its New "Activator" Model Telescoping Fitness Walking Poles Designed Especially for Physical Therapy and Medical/Institutional Use. Read more¦

Release ” April 07, 2007 ” A study completed at the Cooper Institute in Dallas, Texas, showed that walking poles also revs up your metabolism, allowing you to burn nearly 50% more calories per hour than traditional walking. Read more¦

Release ” May 07, 2004 ” More and more walkers are discovering a hot new total body "walk and tone" workout called Nordic walking that tones the entire upper body and significantly increases the aerobic benefits of walking. Read more¦



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