Turning Walking into Total Body Exercise SINCE 1988!
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Exerstider Total Body Exercise is Really Different — Here’s What People Are Saying:

"I’m glad to see that walking with fitness poles is catching on. I came across them in 2001 through a friend of mine, national fitness authority Tom Rutlin. I am a great proponent of walking for fitness – especially sustained walking, which can give a better overall workout than running or using aerobic machines. Tom has made it his personal mission to make walking the most efficient workout possible. His ‘Exerstriders’ have been shown to increase the calories burned while walking by 30-40 percent, as well as reducing the impact on your knees, hips and legs. Other research has shown that walking with poles increases oxygen consumption by 20-25 percent. This results in better cardiovascular and muscular workout with less stress on weight-bearing joints."
Andrew Weil, M.D., best selling author and wellness authority

"Exerstriding is a safe and very effective way for people of any age to build total fitness."
Steven Subotnick, DPM, past member of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, author of several books on the prevention of sports injuries

"Exerstriding is a lot more workout, in a lot less time. In six months of daily Exerstriding I’ve seen a big difference in my upper body tone."
Roba Whiteley, noted nutritionist and author of “Walking Off Weight”

"Exerstriding really works! Minute for minute, mile for mile, nothing else can give you more results. Exerstriders will do for walking what the STEP did for aerobics!"
Rob Sweetgall, “The Pied Piper of Walking,” author of eight books on walking

"I just wanted you to know how much I LOVE my Exerstrider poles!  Before I found them it was a push to walk/exerise routinely because it was so BORING!!  Once I started using the poles, I found the feeling of being a gazelle for 50 minutes in the morning was addicting! Now, I do the same path everyday and am filled with such joy from the experience rather than being bored.  I feel toned all over and have more energy!  I love exercising everyday not only for my bones and muscles, but also for the aerobic conditioning. It's amazing to be able to get all three results in just one session.  I am trying to be a good role model for my daughters."
Francia P, Hawaii

"We love using our poles...they have totally transformed our bodies. We have more muscle definition, strength, stamina, and endurance. We’ve already lost over 10 pounds each using them just over the last two months. Your invention has really made a difference in our lives."
Gail & Frank, New York

I met Tom when he was a speaker at the AVA Convention in Austin, Texas in 1993 and bought my first set of poles.  Since then I purchased a newer set with the AVA logo and passed the older ones on to a friend.  The new tips I ordered are for the both of us.  I have been reading about  Nordic Walking like it was just invented and I know differently because I have been doing it for years. 

I recently began taking a "Nordic Walking"  class to meet other walkers and the teacher never mentioned Tom in the history of the sport.  I told her about him and will take the interesting article "It's Not Soccer..."  I found on your web site so she can understand the whole story. 

Everyone in our neighborhood knows me as "the lady that walks with the poles" and I am a walking, talking advertisement.  The Exerstriders are great for upper body strengthening.  I am 74 years old, have a small build and a mother who had osteoporosis in her 50's, yet my bone density is still normal and I have never had knee problems.  Now they are especially helpful with balance as I walk our year-old energetic 50 pound Labradoodle puppy.  I appreciate you fine product that has helped me live a healthy, active life. --Barbara Piersol, President San Marcos River Walkers (AVA Volkssport club)

My sister-in-law turned me on to Exerstrider walking poles a few years ago. I got some right away after having compared them to many others. They are by far the best. I love them. I love that they let me walk farther than I ever could before, they keep my posture correct, they work out my whole body. They're also fun to use, so I walk more now. Since it's the only exercise I get, that is majorly important! I tell all my friends about them and tell them they have to get your brand and to forget going to Big 5, REI and other local sports shops.--Marilyn N., Tiburon, CA

"I race walked for years and then my knees gave out. I got arthritis and it was paniful to just walk.  I heard about Exerstriders and ordered a pair.  I've been walking every day since 1998.  My arms and upper body get a great workout.  I feel so much stronger and itn also helps control my weight. I love it!  We travel a lot in our RV, and I can use my poles everywhere we travel.

-- Diane B,  Arizona

"Exerstrider walking poles made my stomach as hard as a rock! And my arms and legs have muscle definition that I thought you had to lift weights to get."
Judy R., Pasadena, CA

"My son-in-law who is a doctor recommended that I should use walking poles.  I am 95 years old and love to walk, but at my age my balance isn't great. But with the Exerstrider poles I have no problem with balance when walking. I now walk with confidence thanks to my poles. I feel that my walking poles are extending my life because of the benefits physically."

-- Nat M, Florida

"Once you use walking poles and feel the difference, you’ll never stop."
Andy S., Kansas

"Dorothy was using Exerstriders about 6 months before urging me to use them.  It took me a couple of days before I got the "hang of it", but we've both been using them now for 12 years.  It is such a simple way to stay in shape.  We feel more alert, we can attack our daily activities with a vigor that lasts most (if not all) of the day.  If you are looking for more quality time with your significant other, this is one great way to do it."

--George & Dorothy M., Lake Havasu, AZ

"I love my Exerstrider walking poles. I mean, I LOVE THEM! I actually feel cheated now when I don’t have time to “exerstride” am and pm. I’m thrilled with my decision to purchase your fitness walking poles. And thank you for the TOP QUALITY."
Rosemary R., Florida

"Once I started using fitness walking poles, I could walk a lot longer. I lost 35 pounds! It’s the best money you’ll ever spend!"
Marty A., Northbrook, IL

"Recently, I purchased a pair of Exerstriders. I have never enjoyed walking more! It’s a wonderful way to get total body exercise...the addition of your Exerstriders gave me what I was missing. I’m beginning to actually see a firming up of my upper body muscle groups."
L. Davis

"Exerstriders are an excellent idea – not a gimmick. We need more such products on the fitness market."
K. Kirk, fitness instructor

"Three months after I gave birth to my first child I was having trouble losing the extra weight I’d gained during pregnancy despite the fact that I was walking every day. In three and a half weeks of Exerstriding (the same time and distance I’d been walking) I’ve lost 7 pounds!"
Mary M., BSN

"I have tried swimming, cycling and the hugely expensive NordicTrack. Thank you for inventing the Exerstrider. It’s a great exercise with a low price tag."
D. Tucker, Colorado

"Exerstriders changed my mother’s life! Thank you. Following hip replacement surgery she had been hobbling along with the assistance of a cane and feeling like she would never ‘exercise’ again. With Exerstriders she can walk more normally and is now Exerstriding two miles a day!"
Jeff W,  Wisconsin

"Until Exerstriding, walking had been my main exercise for the past 20 years (I’m 61). I walked 3 miles in 45 min. on average 5 to 6 times a week. I’ve been Exerstriding for less than a month & feel like I really have “a new lease on life.” It must be the upper body workout that does it. I really feel like a new man. My workouts are approximately the same distance, duration and frequency as before, but the difference in the way I feel is incomparable. One month later: In the 2 months I’ve been Exerstriding (and I’ve been a “walker” for 20+ years) my HDL cholesterol (the good kind) has risen from 37 to 49! Exerstriding has taken a good 2” off my waist. And my weight, though not down dramatically, is the lowest it’s been in the past 15-20 years. One tremendous plus with Exerstriding is that it’s self-limiting. I’ve found that it’s almost impossible to overdo it."
S. Beck

"My podiatrist recommended Exerstriding as a new low-impact aerobic activity to try during my recovery from a running injury. It has rapidly become the preferred substitute to running for my lower body and to resistance training for my upper body. In fact, I am so attached to it that I find I often begrudge time spent on anything else. Thank you for creating such a satisfying activity at such a small price!!"
A. Dossa

"I bought a pair of Exerstriders a couple months ago, and they’ve become a treasured possession! I love them! We live in Florida, and they are just fine for walks along roads, and on a firmly packed beach. We went hiking on trails in the Smokies, and they were wonderful going up and down the steep slopes - took a lot of strain off my knees!"
R. Mead