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ACTIVATOR • Medisport Edition • $89.95/pr (with FREE shipping!)

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Our newest telescoping model, the ACTIVATOR, was designed primarily for physical therapists and other medical specialist who requested that we have a locking mechanism on an adjustable pole that would work better for people with limited hand strength.

  • Feature our exclusive ERGO /SC ergonomic strapless grips for unparalleled and unrestricted comfort
  • This model features a pop-button/hole adjusting system like that commonly used on canes and walkers and easily adjusts from 41" to 51" to fit users from approximately 4'-4" to 6'-1" (proper sizing should be determined according to your needs by a medical professional) . NOTE: Because of the pop-button adjusting system this model is not as whisper quiet in use as our other two-piece poles.
  • Compact to 31" (79cm) for more convenient travel and storage
  • People of different heights can share the same poles
  • Equipped with both hardened carbide tips and Cushiongripâ„• tips (If the poles are to be used primarily for balance, the Bell-Shaped balance tips are recommended and must be ordered as a separate accessory)
  • Come complete with Tom Rutlin's 5-star rated Exerstride Method Nordic Walking Instructional video (DVD or VHS tape) and printed Instruction Manual and User's Guide (A $19.95 value if purchased separately!)

Two-piece high quality lightweight aluminum alloy construction. Plum/Dark Magenta, with silver graphics. Weight “ 10.5 oz / 299 grams each

Note: An optional “AT/S” accessory package containing both one set of large snow baskets (for snow-shoeing and skiing, as well as for use on soft sand) and one set of small trekking baskets (for use on muddy trails, stream crossings and rock fields) will turn any model of our Exerstrider poles into full-fledged “AT/S” all-season, all-terrain trekking poles.  Click here for details.

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