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ACTIVATOR MediSport Edition - Telescoping/"Button-Lock"/

Activator MediSport Adjustable Pole
Activator MediSport PolePop-button adjusting systemErgonomic Grips

ACTIVATOR™ Medisport Edition™

Our new telescoping model, the ACTIVATOR, was designed primarily for physical therapists and other medical specialist who requested that we offer a simple, safe locking mechanism on an adjustable pole that would work better for people with arthritis or limited hand strength.

  • Feature our exclusive ERGO /SC ergonomic strapless grips for unparalleled and unrestricted comfort
  • This model features a pop-button/hole adjusting system like that commonly used on canes and walkers and easily adjusts from 41" to 51" to fit users from 4'-4" to 6'-1". NOTE: Because of the pop-button adjusting system this model is not as whisper quiet in use as our other two-piece poles.
  • Compact to 31" (79cm) for more convenient travel and storage
  • People of different heights can share the same poles
  • Equipped with both hardened carbide tips and Cushiongrip™ tips (If the poles are to be used primarily for balance, the Bell-Shaped balance tips are recommended and must be ordered as a separate accessory)
  • Come complete with Tom Rutlin's 5-star rated Exerstride Method Nordic Walking Instructional video (DVD) and printed Instruction Manual and User's Guide (A $19.95 value if purchased separately!)

Two-piece high quality aluminum alloy construction. Plum/Dark Magenta, with silver graphics