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Corporate Fitness/Wellness Programs

The ultimate goal of corporate fitness/wellness activity programs is to encourage emplyees to beome more physically active on a regular basis, with the goal of lowering health care cost, increasing productivity and decreasing absenteeism resulting from illness.  An equally important goal is to improve employee morale and promote team building, and creating Exerstrider group total body walking participation programs can do all of the above. We can help you create a coporate culture of total body walking!

You could build an in-house health club facility.  But that can cost millions to build and operate, and that doesn't guarantee that it will produce mass participation.

You could pay for health club, Y memberships or group exercise programs for employees.  Again, that doesn't mean it will impact the wellness of a majority of your employees by creating regular, life-long physical activity habits.

Walking is by far the most accessible and ubiqutious physical activity avaialble to people of all ages and abilities, and Exerstrider total body walking and pole exercise programs are as simple and accessible as ordinary walking, but because they involve 90% of the body's muscles in moving (compared to 40% for just walking) they are far more efficient, fun and motivating.  Motivated employees can become Total Body Walking leaders for envigorating breaks, no-lunch hours and before/after work group walks and pole exercise.

Any emplyee of any age and ability (or state of current health) can learn Exerstride Total Body Walking in no time at all, and this exercise really is different -- people of any age or ability love the way it puts even your most unfit employees in touch with the latent power in their body, oxygenates the entire body (including the brain), cultivates energy instead of fatigue and produces motivating results!

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