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Meet Tom Rutlin



Tom Rutlin is an internationally recognized total body walking fitness innovator and authority. He is considered by many to be the pioneering "father" of the rapidly growing worldwide Nordic pole walking movement. He has been "walking his walk" for more than 30 years, and he is known for both his pioneering work in fitness walking with specially designed poles, and for his concept of "good use" no pain "optimal" total body "tuning" exercise.

Born in 1947, Tom has maintained his high level of overall fitness by "just walking with poles" regularly since 1985. He founded Exerstrider Products, Inc. in 1988, and introduced the world's first specially designed fitness walking poles. His architectural training led him to follow a "form follows function" design approach that has consistently produced top rated walking poles with built-in quality, industry leading ergonomic innovations, and unmatched value and durability.

He has dedicated more than a third of his life to helping people of all ages, abilities and health and fitness goals discover this fun and motivating total body walking way to achieve and maintain their optimal total body fitness and experience the joy of simultaneously putting their entire body to good use on a regular basis.

"As a form of exercise in its own right and completely detached from skiing, hiking and trekking, the activity of Fitness Walking using specially designed poles was pioneered in the U.S. by Tom Rutlin in 1985".  He "is a true Ambassador for Nordic Walking. He is a man of integrity who always puts Nordic Walking and the furthering of the Nordic Walking movement ahead of his own commercial gain. I wish there were many more Tom Rutlins in our Nordic Walking world because it would be a much better and nicer place."

-- David Downer, Author of Nordic Walking Step by Step

"A walking evangelist of the highest order, Rutlin not only wants everyone to walk, he wants them to make it the most efficient workout possible. To do that, he’s convinced, we should all be walking with poles.  But the benefits won’t come without good technique – which is why Rutlin spends far more time teaching than selling.”

 --Walking Magazine, March 2000