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Lifetime Warranty/Satisfaction Guarantees

Exerstrider's Lifetime Quality Warranty

Because I've designed quality into every component of every Exerstrider pole, every pair is warranteed to be free from defects in materials, design and workmanship for the lifetime of the original owner. (This does not cover normal wear and tear on the pole's rubber tips.)

Exerstrider's 60-day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you enjoy fitness walking, but would like to have even more fun and at the same time get significantly more results with each and every stride, try Exerstrider Total Body Walking. Once you try it, you’ll understand why I offer an unconditional 100% satisfaction guarantee. Most people just won’t part with their poles once they experience the synergistic resistance difference! But if for any reason you are not completely delighted with your Exerstrider fitness walking poles, just return the poles within 60 days for a full refund of your purchase price.  No return authorization will be required -- just return the original contents of your shipment along with a copy of your sales reciept (or complete contact information).


NOTE: You will find poles that cost much less, as well as those costing $100 more, but I promise you unmatched quality, durability, comfort, performance and value as part of my 100% satisfaction guarantee!


 so I also offer...

Our Exclusive 110%+ “Confusion Buster” Guarantee!

If you’re new to Nordic walking and have spent hours, days or even weeks (I’ve heard from some of you) researching your options only to end up far more confused than decisive, I’d like to help ease your mind a bit with my 110%+“confusion buster” guarantee.

I know just how confusing in can be when one website tells you not “to be scammed by cheap twist-lock telescopic poles”, and claims that they sell the “real Nordic walking poles” -- suggesting others don’t.  Then another tries to gain your confidence by offering a “100% Iron Clad Lifetime Warranty” (which may actually be far less than "iron clad" -- check the fine print).  And somewhere along the line you heard that only veteran ski pole manufacturers Leki, Exel, or Swix make the best Nordic walking poles.  Then to add to the confusion, in your online searches you discover that at Amazon, Walmart and Target you could get a pair of poles for under 20 bucks! (Poorly designed poles are not a bargain at any price! -- ask if they offer a satisfaction guarnatee before you buy!)  Then there may be a concern about whether to take a chance with the only strapless ergonomic grips or play it "conventional" and go poles with straps!  After all, everybody else has straps!

Finally, there’s the technique issue.  You may have heard that my Exerstride Method™ Nordic walking technique, although the original (I was in the fitness walking pole business for a decade or more before nearly every ski pole company in the world decided to put some rubber tips on their patented strapped ski poles and start selling them as Nordic walking poles), is different from the way many people Nordic walk in Europe.  If your aim is to look, feel and function better, and not to have to walk ever faster and stride ever longer to do it, my technique will deliver maximum results and make every stride fun! Every pair of my poles come with my 5-star rated manual and instructional DVD which will allow you to simply understand the enjoyment and  ease of using the walking poles in my common sense, natural way and in a way that is safe, highly effective and so enjoyable you’ll be positively addicted in no time!

To add even more to your confusion, chances are few, if any, stores in your area sell Nordic walking poles (trekking poles are different), and if they do they certainly don’t offer you any choices so that you can actually make your own comparisons of their quality, design and features. 

But the fact is, you can never make a fully confident decision that you can be certain will be in your best interest by simply comparing claims of everyone who’s trying to sell you their brand of poles.   Whether you’re making choices between all the poles you’ve researched, or are still concerned about how you’re going to learn to get the most out of whatever new poles you decide to buy – the only sure-fire way to be confident that you’ll get poles that will serve you well for a lifetime of regular use may be to actually try and compare some of your top choices along with their recommended technique.  

Because I’ve personally designed all of the high quality and unique features that are built into my Exerstrider poles and because I actually use them nearly every day (and because I’ve refined my technique over the last 25 years to maximize both the enjoyment and benefits of walking with poles), I want to encourage you to compare them to any other poles and techniques on the market – at any price!  Whether you compare any one of my Exerstrider models with the under $20 or the $200 versions, I’m confident that you will decide for yourself that, as I say, “you can pay less, or pay a lot more, but you’ll never find better quality, value or performance at any price!” 

 So, here’s my 110%+“confusion buster” guarantee
in addition to my 60-day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and the lifetime warranty on every pair of my poles.  Buy and compare any model of Exerstrider poles with any model of poles by any other manufacturer – at any price, and if you decide you like my competition’s poles better than mine, just return your Exerstrider poles within 60 days (along with the instructional materials) along with a copy of your original Exerstider receipt as well as a copy of the sales receipt for whatever poles you’ve decided to go with, and I’ll refund 110% of your original purchase price for the Exerstrider poles - plus your original shipping and handling charges!

That’s how confident I am that if you cut through all the hype and actually compare my poles and technique to anything the competition offers,  you’ll come to the same conclusion that has consistently earned Exerstrider poles top independent rankings, and  made Exerstrider the world’s #1 fitness walking poles for over 20 years!


Exerstrider Return Policy: You will not be required to get a “return authorization”. If, for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase of Exerstrider fitness walking poles, return them within 60 days (with the manual and video and a copy of your receipt) for a refund of your purchase price or an exchange. (All other items must be returned within 30 days.) We ask only that you let us know whether you wish to receive a refund or make an exchange.

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