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Senior Programs

Special "Stability for Mobility" senior walking pole and exercise programs


Exerstride Method Nordic walking truly is for people of all ages and abilities.  We've got fun, motivating lifetime fitness Exerstriding programs going in elemetary schools as well as in continuing care retirement communities -- and with people of all ages and abilities in between. To read a recently published article in The Journal on Active Aging describing our very popular senior-friendly programs - click here.

To view an interview that Colin Milner, CEO of ICAA did with Tom Rutlin, founder of Exerstrider on the life-changing programs we've been establishing in CCRCs all across North America click here.

In establishing exercise programs for people of any age one always faces a central challenge.  Finding an exercise program that is enjoyable enough to sustain participation, and at the same time effective and results-producing enough to provide the motivation needed to make physical activity a regular part of life.  Meeting both those challenges has never been an easy task.   Until now!  While we say that this exercise is different...people love it --  among seniors it's generally "love at first stride". 

Before you think about spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to build or expand your fitness facility, fill it with expensive treadmills, elipiticals, exercise bikes and resistance training stations designed to work only one set of mucles, staff it sufficeintly to train and supervise the use of the equipment, and take on the on-going maintainance costs that come with all that -- only to watch the facility be sadly under-utilized just weeks after you cut the grand opening ribbon, let us show you how we've been successfully creating low cost, popular, self-sustaining, "organically growing" total body conditioning fitness walking pole (and fall reduction) programs in CCRCs accross the U.S. and Canada. 

Our programs require little or no dedicated facility space, minumal staff time and the life-changing results realized by participants as well as the positive physical, emotional and spiritual changes others in the community witness will have growing numbers flocking to this simple, safe, highly-effective program saying "I want some of whatever they're having!" 

Exerstrider is a Preferred Vendor for the International Council on Active Aging.  To learn more about the life-changing potential of our senior exercise/wellness programs click here to view a PDF presentation describing them in greater detail, and we invite you to contact us at  - for additional information.

CCRC Success Story

At Wesley Willows retirement community in Rockford, Illinois, more than 60 seniors showed up last spring to hear walking pole pioneer Tom Rutlin explain how walking poles work and to get some hands-on instruction.  According to Rutlin, not only do walking poles aid in providing balance, confidence and relief for painful joints, they also help build upper body muscles.  After seeing the initial group in action and hearing users praise the walking poles, the walking pole community at Wesley Willows has grown to more than 100 people in just a few months. 

Reducing joint pain and falls and improving posture might provide more than enough reasons to try walking with poles. Add to that maintaining upper body muscle tone and the protection against bone loss that poles may offer as one makes walking a total body weight bearing activity, and it’s no wonder those who have already traded in their canes and walkers for Exerstrider fitness walking poles say they’ve put those old fashioned assistive devices away for good.  Best of all, many agree that using the poles has made walking fun again.

Trading in canes and walkers for walking poles provides a real boost for many! 

While canes and walkers remain the most often prescribed assistive devices for those needing to take weight and stress off of the joints of the hips, knees and feet, as well as for those in need of balance aids, many are discovering that a pair of specially designed walking poles can provide an even more effective assist.

Walking poles were introduced as a year-round means of turning walking into a total body exercise similar in both appearance and benefits to cross-country skiing.  While walking pole users are enthusiastic regardless of age or ability, among the most enthusiastic users may be those who have traded in their canes and walkers for a pair of these sporty looking poles.  Peggy Buchanan, who did a walking pole pilot project at Vista Del Monte retirement community in Santa Barbara, CA says, “People with canes and walkers tend to see themselves as ‘invalids’, but the same people with walking poles more often feel like ‘athletes’”.   For eight weeks, 13 seniors at Vista Del Monte averaging 87 years of age traded in their canes and walkers for Exerstrider walking poles. (To see video of some of the subjects click here.)

"Those who traded in walkers immediately began walking with a more upright posture and their gate pattern went from the ‘walker shuffle’ to a more normal walking gait – and the psychological benefits may have been as important as the physical benefits.  Participants walked with greater confidence and a smile of satisfaction on their faces”, according to Buchanan.  Those who traded their canes for a pair of the poles immediately felt the benefit of an addition point in contact with the ground and using the poles quickly began to correct the leaning that generally comes with cane use. 

One 92 year old resident joined the group only after she saw the pole walkers in action.  “My breathing is better, my posture is better, and my stride is better.  I can get around the campus on these.  I don’t need a walker.”  (NOTE: A DVD chronicling Peggy's innovative pole walking and exercise programs is available on our shopping cart under "Accessories".)