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Turning Walking into Total Body Exercise SINCE 1988!
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Exerstrider Poles' Standard Features

Exerstrider Instructions, Grips and Tips

Every pair of my Exerstrider fitness walking poles comes with my FREE* 5-star rated Instructional DVD as well as a FREE* 48 page printed, illustrated Manual and User’s Guide (which contains valuable tips on my unique exercise philosophy, stretching, nutrition and diet, how to dress for fitness success, “the real secret of Exerstriding” and much, much more!). (A $19.95 value!)

If you choose to opt out of the DVD, which you can access (cut and paste)  (other videos too)

simply leave us a note with your order and we will avoid unnecessary waste of our precious resources. 

My exclusive EROG/SC Ergonomic Orthotic Strapless Comfort Grips Put the Perfect Fit in the Palm of Your Hand

The unique, truly ergonomic design of my ERGO/SC strapless grips provides unparalleled and unrestricted comfort by eliminating the need for complicated straps, which can cause uncomfortable compression of the metacarpal area of the hand, inhibit circulation, and be hot and chafing in warm weather. The 15-degree rear-flared orthotic design allows a relaxed hand to control the grip while maintaining a safe, comfortable neutral wrist

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position at all times. Its truly photoergonomic design makes the poles feel like an extension of your body. With other pole grips impact shock can be transferred directly into your arms, which may be damaging to your joints and lead to fatigue. Physiotherapists agree that our strapless handle is designed to reduce injuries. A recent study conducted on Nordic poles with straps suggests that Nordic walking is a very safe form of exercise, but the most common injury is caused by the user being strapped into a NW pole; holding on until the very last moment before the hand hits the ground with the pole handle forcing the thumb into injury-causing abduction and extension*. * Source: "Nordic pole walking injuries" K. Knobloch September 20, 2006. - U.S. National Library of Medicine

Our Exclusive Cushiongrip Tips Cushion Every Stride and Provide Sure Traction

Exerstrider models feature our exclusive "Cushiongrip" rubber tips, made of a very durable rubber compound designed to provide great durability and a soft, cushioned landing as well as the unmatched traction on paved and other stable natural surfaces. Our tips install quickly and easily over the pole's carbide-tips and can be removed in seconds whenever you need more traction in slippery or unstable surface conditions. The Cushiongrip tip design flexes on contact for a softer feel, and its boot-like design and comtact maximizing tread provide better contact, traction and more resistance as you apply force to the poles. (They're 30% lighter than our bell-shaped "balance" rubber tips.) Our Bell-shaped "balance" tips will fit all of our models and are recommended for those intending to use the poles primarily for balance assist, but must be ordered separately. (NOTE: The standard equipment Cushiongrip tips are recommended unless the user intends to use the poles primarily as a balance aid).


Our Go Anywhere Tungsten-Carbide Tip Provides a Sure Grip on Any Surface

The hardened tungsten-carbide tip provides sure grip on anything from rock to ice. Now a standard feature on all Exerstrider models!


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