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Turning Walking into Total Body Exercise SINCE 1988!
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How it Works

Exerstride Method Nordic walking's unique total body “synergistic resistance” means working smarter, not harder and maximizing results!

Begin to experience for yourself right now how the total body “synergistic resistance” of Exerstriding works. Just take a few seconds and follow these four simple steps:

  • Raise your hands off of your computer keyboard and mouse and extend them out as if offering them for a friendly handshake on each side of the keyboard.
  • Make two fists and place them on your desk with your thumbs up.
  • Make certain that your elbows are not resting on the desk's surface.
  • Finally, sit upright and alternately press one fist, then the other firmly into the desk repeatedly for 15 -20 repetitions.
  • As you do this, notice how a wave of contractions goes through your abdominal muscles as well as large back, arm, shoulder, chest, and important “core strength” muscles contract each time you push.

As you walk while using your Exerstrider Nordic walking poles, you'll simultaneously do 1,800 to 2,200 similar synergistic contractions of all these muscles per mile as you apply a similar force to your poles with each stride. With Exerstriding, because the work of propelling the body is shared by so many major muscles, you'll· actually feel like you're working less while accomplishing much more, and with much less risk of injury. I hope you'll let me show you how to work smarter, not harder, have more fun, and simultaneously condition every major muscle (as well as your cardiovascular system) as you walk.


How it Looks

Click to watch YouTube Video:


Click to watch YouTube video:

If you've been brain-washed into believing the "no pain, no gain" mantra of mainstream fitness (or worse yet, scared off from starting any fitness program by pain-filled prescriptions like those inflicted on The Biggest Loser competitors), liberate yourself from the pain and destruction of workouts that should be reserved for serious athletes in training, and instead start "tuning" your entire body to optimal health and "functional" fitness!

You’ll simply build more fitness in less time by simultaneously exercising all of the body’s major muscles. More than 50% of the body’s total muscle mass is in the upper body.(Click here to see the muscle diagram.) With my easy-to-learn Exerstride Method Nordic walking·techniques, you’ll put all of these muscles to good use with every step you take.

 Ordinary walking seriously involves only 40% of the bodies muscles, while using poles you'll get serious involvement from 90% of the muscles in your body.· Fitness experts emphasize the importance of upper body muscle conditioning in addition to aerobic fitness. With Exerstrider’s synergistic resistance, you’ll simultaneously enhance the aerobic effects of walking as well as build upper body muscle strength and endurance as you get a complete total body exercise.

Walking Poles Muscle Diagram