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Exerstriding turns a walk into a cross-country trek (minus the snow). Using walking poles “ you hold one in each hand “ requires greater effort and incorporates more upper body muscles than brisk walking, says Cedric Bryant, PhD, chief science officer at the American Council on Exercise. A study at the University of Wisconsin“La Crosse showed that this Nordic-style walking burned up to 25 percent more calories than fast-paced walking. Another benefit: decreased stress on your knees.

” O, The Oprah Magazine

My favorite walking poles just got better. Exerstrider poles now come in a collapsible version, the OS2 fitness trekker. So they're easier to store and carry. Like the originals, the grip is strapless (so you won't get tangled) and designed to help you plant the pole correctly, the new rubber tips offer great stability and a more solid push off, and they're quiet. (Some collapsible poles make annoying noises).

” Maggie Spilner, walking expert and author, Prevention Magazine

I'm glad to see that walking with fitness poles is catching on. I came across them in 2001 through a friend of mine, national fitness authority Tom Rutlin. (Read more at

” Dr. Andrew Weil

Tom Rutlin developed his walking poles over twenty years ago, when he wanted to keep exercising as he recovered from a running injury, and wanted the benefits of cross country skiing during summer months. Today, he is leading a revolution in fitness. (To hear a complete interview, go to )

” Talk show host Laura Lee

It's new, it's hot and it's coming to a neighborhood near you. Exerstriding is a new fitness walking technique that uses specially designed poles to create a total body workout. It firms up stomach, chest, and arms, and strengthens the back. It uses every major muscle and burns 30 to 50 percent more calories than walking without poles. It gives you the benefits of cross-country skiing 365 days a year and is easier to use than a ski simulator. For women concerned about osteoporosis, Exerstriding provides total weight-bearing exercise for all the bones in the body.

” Woman's Day

Put some muscle in your hustle with walking poles called Exerstriders. As you set down and push off on these poles, you work back, chest and arms “ and burn 33 percent more calories.

” Family Circle Magazine

Cross-country skiing has long been known as the best total-body exercise going, with the highest calorie burn per minute¦you're doing the same moves, while adding resistance. (Skis glide; your feet don't!)

” Prevention Magazine

Exerstriding combines the aerobic and strength building benefits of cross-country skiing with the convenience of seems to be catching on among injured runners and other active people who want to enjoy the benefits of cross-country skiing without enduring the snow and cold.

” Runner's World

The newfangled Exerstride Workout is the power-walking program of the decade.

” New Body Magazine

Another way to make your (walking) workouts more vigorous is to walk with poles...the payoff is no laughing matter: you'll burn 20 to 25 percent more calories by putting your upper body to work.

” Health Magazine

Walking has taken its rightful place as enjoyable, convenient and effective exercise. Now a novel development brings it a new dimension: Exerstriders. Using these modified ski poles makes walking like cross-country skiing, a total-body exercise that helps you burn more calories and strengthen your upper body by adding resistance.

” Shape Magazine

Walking with poles engages the pectorals, back, triceps and abdominal muscles “ the muscles not used in regular striding. And using these extra muscles raises the heart rate higher than normal walking does, giving you a more intense aerobic exercise.

” Women's Sports & Fitness

Getting more muscles into the act is a recognized way of increasing exercise an invention that works the upper body harder has come along. It's a hybrid form of cross-country skiing and walking called Exerstriding...a 12-week walking program with the poles significantly reduced hip size and increased upper-body endurance.

” Allure Magazine

The fact that you're planting the poles and working out your upper extremities makes it a better workout than power walking¦essentially you're working the same muscles as you would in cross-country skiing¦the difference, of course, is that you don't have to wait for the snow to fall.

” Men's Health Magazine

Using poles increases the aerobic benefits of walking...the poles are good for balance, and they do make walking more fun.

” New York Times

Fitness walking becomes more effective for overall body conditioning when you add a pair of poles to the workout.

” The Boston Globe Magazine

They [Exerstrider poles] elevate the heart rate by 10 to 15 beats a minute and increase calories burned by 20% to 25%. Unlike ankle weights and weighted vest, the poles help support your weight and actually reduce pressure on the feet by up to 26% while you walk.

” Michael O'Shea's "Better Fitness," Parade Magazine

They look like cross-country skiers “ minus the snow. Who are they? They are fitness walkers who use poles to achieve a total body workout. Firmly pushing off with the poles [Exerstriders] works the upper-body muscles and abdominals, relieves stress on knees, back, and feet. Once you get the hang of it, you will burn more calories.

” Good Housekeeping