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Made a Difference in Our Lives

We love using our poles ... they have totally transformed our bodies. We have more muscle definition, strength, stamina and endurance. We've already lost over 10 pounds each using them just over the last two months. Your simple invention has really made a difference in our lives.

Gail & Frank, New York

Another Happy Senior Customer!

The reason I am taking the time to contact you is to let you know how much this type of walking has helped me as touted in the materials from Exerstrider Products.  I go 4 miles probably 5 to 6 days per week in a college field house in the winter and outside in the summer.  It is an excellent workout and so easy on the “bod”!


Sure hope it works out and more and more folks see the value of this type of activity!


Truman Porter St Paul MN

Lost 35 pounds!

Once I started using the poles, I could walk a lot longer immediately. I lost 34 pounds! It's the best money I've ever spent! Your DVD instructions were very complete and easy to follow. Thanks!

Marty A., Illinois

Lee Taylor

I have two complaints since I got my poles. First, having now lost 14 pounds in just three months, my pants and belts are too large. Second, I made the mistake of letting my wife try out my poles and now I have to buy her a set. Your poles should come with appropriate warnings!

Lee Taylor

Continuing to Exerstride for 20+ Years!

Hi Tom et all,


I've used Exerstriders off and on for years, and they continue to be the single best overall exercise for me at age 66. I'm on my second set of poles, with many tip replacements over the years. Some friends at work probably 20+ years ago told me about them, I looked at the video (VHS back then, I believe) that you provided to one of my friends and I decided to give them a try.  I called up, talked directly to you, Tom, and I've been pleased with the product and service ever since. I'm glad you're still in business and I hope that many other people will benefit from the low-impact, complete body exercise program which regular use of Exerstriders provide.  Best regards,  Doug Bailey, Hendersonville NC

Making Exercise Fun!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for making exercise fun! I never though I'd actually enjoy exercise. Your strapless ergonomic grips really are awesome -- and so comfortable.

E. Young, Ohio

Rock Hard Abs

Exerstriding made my abs hard as a rock and my arms and legs have muscle definition that  I once thought you had to lift weights to get. Thanks for inventing the most efficient exercise ever!

Judy R., California

I love my poles

I love walking with my Exerstrider poles! You quickly get into a "stride" and makes regular walking kind of boring. One of the best purchases I ever made.

Sally S.

Stepping up her walking effort

I have a story regarding how I learned about your product. Please do not lose interest, as I do like to "tell the story" and enjoy detail. I was visiting my local library in late summer 2015. I met a younger woman in the library that had a pair of your walking poles. She reported a medical problem that interfered with her balance. She had researched walking poles,discovered your brand ordered them and indicated that she was immensely impressed with the quality. She apparently had tried other poles and they did not "measure up" to the quality of your poles. I was impressed with her testimony, got the brand name of the poles from her and did my own research. I was very impressed with your web site and the information I gained after research. I ordered a set and have been so happy with my decision. I have been and avid "walker" since age 26 and I am now 63. I wanted something to "step up" my effort when walking and the Exerstrider poles "filled the bill. " I have increased endurance, am more easily able to climb hills, and lost weight around my "belly" and flank area. I love my poles, and when other walkers that I encounter ask about the poles,  I am "telling my story" giving them my experience, providing the name of your product,and how to find your product on the internet. I am very pleased with your product, service and the outcomes I have experienced. I am most grateful that I have this "story" to tell. Thank you for your interest. Pamela Hill, Macomb, Il.

Pamela Hill

From Deborah in Bismark, ND

Your Exerstrider poles have allowed me to remain mobile and independent after a head injury that left me with a permanent balance disorder. My physical therapist recommended these poles, and I have used them for six years now. Have put over 4000 miles on them so it's time for new "tires" LOL. In the past year I have lost 35 pounds, and brought my blood sugar and cholesterol levels back to normal, just by changing my diet and increasing the walking time with my Exerstrider poles. It would not be possible for me to do any walking or exercise without these poles, and I wanted you to know how much I appreciate your HIGH quality, well designed product. I have recommended them to many people over the years I have used them. THANK YOU!!!!!


Top Quality

I love my Exerstrider walking poles. I mean... I LOVE THEM! I actually feel cheated now when I don't have time to Exerstride.  I'm thrilled with my decision to purchase your poles, and thank you for the TOP QUALITY!

Rosemary R, Florida