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Turning Walking into Total Body Exercise SINCE 1988!
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Tom's Mission

Tom Rutlin For more than a third of my life I've been helping people of all ages, abilities and health and fitness goals rediscover the pleasure and joy of putting their body to optimal good use. As children we all experienced and relished that joyful experience and called it play. The true meaning of the word exercise is “put to use” – not put to abuse! Far too many popular exercise prescriptions actually put the bodies of people who just want to look, feel and function better to dangerous and unnecessary abuse! I believe this is why so many people have been completely turned off or scared off by exercise despite the fact we all know of the many health, fitness and quality of life benefits of regular physical activity.

No matter what your age, shape, ability, present physical condition or fitness goals, Exerstrider total body walking can work for you the same way it has for so many others since 1988. I want you to show you just how easy and fun (yes, FUN!) exercise can be when you use my poles and my very easy-to-learn techniques to work smarter - not harder, and just how good it can make you feel to simply put your entire body to “good use” on a regular basis -- and gently "tune" your body to good health and vitality. That’s what Exerstride Method Total Body walking is all about. You simply don’t ever have to pant breathlessly, sweat profusely or endure sore, aching muscle to reach or maintain healthy, optimal fitness goals. You simply need to put your entire body to good use on a regular basis. I hope you’ll let me show you how to do just that and enjoy every minute of doing so.

If you do, you’ll discover that when exercise actually feels good and at the same time produces desirable changes in the way you look, feel and function, you’ll stop asking “how often do I have to do this” and become so positively addicted to the way good use total body exercise actually cultivates energy and makes you feel stronger and more alive, that you’ll want to take your body out for a health and quality of life promoting total body walk as often as possible.

Stay well,

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“I’m glad to see that walking with fitness poles is catching on. I came across them about a year ago through a friend of mine, national fitness authority Tom Rutlin. Tom has made it his personal mission to make walking the most efficient workout possible. Tom saw the potential benefit of using poles with walking and has since pioneered their development and use.”

Dr. Andrew Weil, author of Healthy Aging and integrative medicine expert

“To say that Tom Rutlin is not the originator of the activity we know as Nordic Walking because he called his creation Exerstriding, is like saying that the English are not responsible for developing the modern game that Americans know as Soccer because the English called it football and not Soccer!”

David Downer, author of Nordic Walking Step By Step

“A walking evangelist of the highest order, Rutlin not only wants everyone to walk, he wants them to make it the most efficient workout possible...which is why Rutlin spends more time teaching than selling.”
-- Mark Fenton, host of the PBS series, America's Walking.